What is Mycoplasma Pneumonia?

There are several different types of pneumonia in the world today. Researchers are studying more and more cases each day. Mycoplasma pneumonia is just one specific type of pneumonia that several people suffer from. Bacteria is one of the main causes in a respiratory tract infection that is commonly known as pneumonia. Mycoplasma pneumonia is categorized as a “Community Acquired Pneumonia.” CPA means that it is a form of pneumonia that can be caught more so out in the public. With mycoplasma pneumonia it can be considered a mild infection, and can be difficult to treat along with the symptoms of this infections lingering for a longer period of time if not treated correctly.

Younger adults tend to suffer more with mycoplasma pneumonia that other age groups. Not everyone that is exposed to the mycoplasma bacteria develops the infection. Sometimes those who actively have the disease do not even have any symptoms.

This type of pneumonia is general found in most men. Nearly 50% of a community that suffers from pneumonia is caused by the bacteria, mycoplasma.

It generally takes a couple of weeks for the symptoms of the mycoplasma pneumonia to appear. Some of the most common symptoms are chills, fever, sweating, shortness of breath, possibly a headache, and even a sore throat. Coughing is also very common with the infection. The cough that you might experience with the mycoplasma infection is typically dry and you might not produce much phlegm from your lungs.

Do not be surprised with the mycoplasma pneumonia if a rash does not appear somewhere on your body. Some people also state that they experience an earache or sore and achy muscles also.

A lot of the mycoplasma pneumonia cases are mostly found in the summer time or fall, although a person can suffer from this infection at any given time.

There are several tests that your doctor can perform to diagnose the mycoplasma bacteria. One of the most test that is performed is a chest x-ray. Most x-rays show a specific pattern that the mycoplasma infection creates.

When a person is suffering for a form of pneumonia most physicians will have a culture of a sputum that you have coughed up tested. However, with mycoplasma pneumonia you might not be able to produce a sample, but if so then it is sent to the lab. Within the lab, they will keep it for a couple of days and monitor it to see if there is any bacteria growths. Blood test can also be performed to help diagnose the pneumonia as well. The mycoplasma pneumonia cultures could take up to several weeks inorder to get a good results.

An antibiotics is the only treatment option when you are suffering from mycoplasma pneumonia. Over-the-counter medications will not even attempt to make the infection vanish.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is often known as “walking pneumonia”. It is known as the walking pneumonia because most of the people that are suffering just think that they have a common cold.

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